Our bakery is currently operating with limited capacity due to COVID-19

We are accepting limited custom orders at this time.

Celebration Set
Celebration Card


*same day pickup available Tues-Sat until supplies run out.

Pre-order also available.

Signature Cake Pops

$20 a half dozen/$36 full dozen

assorted signature flavors with sprinkles​ in white window box

Celebration Cards


Gift Cards


(expire after 5 years)


Cake Pops

Flavors (choose 1):

vanilla, chocolate, funfetti

$5 for 2 flavors per order, unless ordering more than half dozen or signature mix


Colors may be altered upon special request 

Shelf life: room temperature for up to 5 days.

*Pops can be refrigerated, but this may create a thin later of condensation on the chocolate coating if refrigerated for several days.

Packaging Options (choose 1):

White window box (pops lay flat):


Showcase stand & window carrier (pops stand):

$2 for small box (holds 6)

$3 for large box (holds 12)

Individual pop wrapping - $4 a dozen

Showcase stand & carrier
White Window Box

Signature Patty Pops

$20 a half dozen/$36 full dozen

*Same day pickup available from Tues-Sat (until supplies run out daily) 

Pre-order is also available.

Variety Box
Signature Funfetti Pops

Specialty Patty Pops

$24 a half dozen/$45 full dozen

*One week notice required

*colors can be customized if supplies are available. Extra charges may apply.

White & gold box
Pink Rose Gold Box
Gold Box
Chocolate Swirl Cake Pops
Blue & Yellow Birthday Box
Pink & Purple Box
Oreo Cookies 'n Cream Pops
Baby Set

Luxe Patty Pops

$30 a half dozen/$54 full dozen

*2 weeks notice required. Availability not guaranteed. 

Wedding Box
Ice cream birthday box
Nurse Box
Evil Eye Box
Unicorn Box
Ice Cream Glam Box
Mermaid Cake Pops

Buttercream Cakes

Flavors (choose 1):

vanilla with vanilla or chocolate buttercream

chocolate cake with chocolate or vanilla buttercream

funfetti with vanilla buttercream

white cake with Oreo cookies 'n cream

Cake Size:

4" - 6 servings

6" - 12 servings

8" - 24 servings


Colors be altered upon special request & approval. 


Add ons:

Box of 24 standard candles - $3

Happy Birthday Topper - $2 (Colors vary. We will do our best to match your cake.)

Candles & topper set - $4

Celebration Cakes

4" (6 servings) - $35

6" (12 servings) - $50

8" (24 servings) - $80

*One week notice required

*colors can be customized if supplies are available.

Classic Funfetti
Cookies 'n cream cake
Chocolate Overload Cake

Specialty Cakes

4" (6 servings) - $60

6" (12 servings) - $85

8" (24 servings) - $110

*2 weeks notice required. Availability not guaranteed. 

*colors/edible prints can be customized if supplies are available.

Ombre Ice Cream Drip Cake
Mermaid Cake
Watermelon Cake
Photo Cake (your photo & colors of choice)
Classic Floral Cake
Naked Cake with gold leaf and cake pops
Unicorn Cake
Mickey Drip Cake
Black Marble Cake with Edible Gold
Cookie Monster Cake
Horoscope Floral Cake (seasonal fresh florals)

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Flavors (choose 1 per dozen):

Milk chocolate, white chocolate, cookies 'n cream


Edible logo +6 per dozen 

Shelf life: 2 weeks


$32 a dozen

Chocolate Oreo
Cookies 'n cream Oreo


321 5th Avenue, Pelham NY 10803



Monday - closed

Tuesday through Friday - 10:00 a.m to 5 p.m.

Saturday - 10:00 a.m to 4 p.m

Sunday - closed

*extended hours available for special order pickup




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Signature Funfetti Pops