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"What I love most about baking are people's reactions to my creations when I make their visions a reality. I've always enjoyed making people happy. Thankfully, baking let's me do that everyday."
-Flash Magazine, December 2013

Patty is a businesswoman with a creative flair. After completing her studies at Fordham University, Patty launched her career as a Certified Public Accountant at a Big 4 accounting firm in New York City. Throughout her journey in the business world, there was one thing that she could not get off of her mind...her passion for baking!

Patty came up with the idea to start Patty Pops in her high school economics course in 2008. She was asked to start a hypothetical business, and decided to create a lollipop business, hence the name "Patty Pops". When she began college in 2009, she decided to kick off the business part-time, and it was a success! She then expanded her product lines to include additional specialty desserts like cakes, cupcakes, and chocolate covered treats as trends & demand for other products grew. 

Patty is now a full time baker and the proud owner of Patty Pops Inc., located in Pelham, NY. She and her team of bakers & dessert designers offer specialty cake pops & desserts in the retail shop and have recently launched a shipping operation.

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